School Nursing Documents

Provided herein are recommendations developed by teams of school nurses in collaboration with community and state resources that correspond to Utah Laws governing School Health Services.

Adrenal insufficiency

Allergy and anaphylaxis




Head injuries


Vision screening

Miscellaneous forms and documents

Standards of care:

The following documents have been written to give guidance on industry standards of care.

Delegation Decision Tree:

Nursing delegation in the school setting is the assignment by the school nurse – not a school administrator – to a competent unlicensed individual (also called unlicensed assistive personnel [UAP]) the performance of a selected nursing task in a selected situation for an individual student. The school nurse facilitates the UAP training, evaluation of UAP competence, and provides for ongoing supervision of the UAP and evaluation of the student’s health outcomes. The nursing process can never be delegated (National Association of School Nurses).