Physical Activity

Being physically active is one of the best things you can do for your body, from improving your mood to decreasing your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers. It doesn’t take much, but the benefits are outstanding!

The HEAL Program at the Utah Department of Health and Human Services recognizes that being physically active can make a big difference in both how long you live as well as how well you live. We work with many partners across the state and throughout the United States to help make Utah a place where it is not only easy and fun to be active, but it is the default way of doing things. Utah has some of the best national and state parks in the country, but it isn’t always about going somewhere to be active. You can be active in your own community through efforts being made  in Active Transportation, using your own body to walk, bike, or roll through your own community, or wherever you work and play.

It can be confusing with all of the different sources of information on how active you need to be to get benefits.  We have put together all of the information from the best sources on what you can do to live a healthier life. Visit our Recommendations page to find out what you and your family can do at all ages and ability levels.  Our goal is to help you have all the tools you need to be physically fit, happy, and healthy. 

We want to help you live a life that allows you to do what you want, when you want it. Physical activity is the key to unlocking that life for you and your family. Join us as we work to help make Utah the healthiest place to live!

Active Transportation