Tools & Resources

Bike Utah offers a Youth Bicycle Education and Safety Training (BEST) program to fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. There is no cost to any school or student to participate. Bike Utah will provide a trained instructor, bicycles, helmets, and all other necessary equipment for the duration of the program. Bike Utah has more information on the program.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Classroom Physical Activity Book

A Walking School Bus is a group of children who walk to and from school with one or more adults. Learn how you can set up a safe walking school bus in your neighborhood.

The CDC and SHAPE America have developed the following materials to support recess in schools.

Strategies for Recess in Schools - Evidence-based strategies for planning and providing recess in schools to increase physical activity participation and improve academic achievement.

Recess Planning in Schools - Helps schools put the Strategies for Recess in Schools into practice when developing a written school recess plan.

Walking and biking to school safety is important to all of our children. The Safe Routes to School’s 2016 State Report Cards provides a snapshot of how supportive each state is of walking, bicycling, and physical activity for children and adults, as of 2016.

USDA final rules that will ensure that children have access to healthy snacks and that nutrition standards for the foods marketed and served in schools are consistent. Here's a summary of the rules and what they mean for farm to school efforts:

  1. The Local School Wellness Policy final rule empowers communities to take an active role in the health of their children. These policies guide a school district's efforts to establish school environments that support healthy eating and physical activity.
  2. The Smart Snacks in School final rule aligns the nutritional quality of snacks sold to children during the school day with the science-based improvements made to school lunches and breakfasts over the last five years.